Front Elevation improvements

Paul Barrow Builders was asked by a client to prove a quote for improving the front of the house’s roof area.

An frame was fitted behind the existing soffit boards to support the fascia boards to be fitted on the front.

Another example in our slideshow, also done in Littleport in a slightly different style.

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Doors and doorways

With Carpenters on the team, Paul Barrow Builders Ltd can easily hang doors in various styles inside and outside. As well as the fine tuning with settling and renovating doorways.

We also offer solutions for warped or draughty doors, and other door/openings problems.

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Paul Barrow Builders Ltd provides a comprehensive roofing service. From loft conversions to adding Chimneys. From replacing tiles to complete rebuilds.

Using Locally sourced materials and equipment, We aim to provide a full and professional roofing experience.

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Pictures are from a recent house build in Pymoor, Ely

Stairs Installation

With experienced Carpenters on the team, Paul Barrow Builders Ltd can install, replace or just modernise flights of stairs, Stair wells or a stylish staircase.

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Example below is from a recent build.


Whether its a Solid traditional wooden door, or a rustic feel to your hallway. Paul Barrow Builders Ltd has carpentry and brickwork specialists who can renovate and improve your porch or hallways.

Have a look at an example below

Loft Conversion

Create extra living space with a loft conversion.

Paul Barrow Builders Ltd has Carpenters and plasters on hand to make Loft Conversion projects a pleasant experience. Working with a Local design consultancy and local building merchants, we offer an efficient and experienced build process for your project.

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